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The self help industry on the internet has really boomed in the past 5-6 years. It’s a great time to be alive. You can learn any skill over the internet. Be it learning a guitar, gardening, cooking Spanish food, how to communicate well, meditation, tantric sex and even how to seduce girls.

You can easily find an expert online with a blog full of useful information about the topic you are interested in.

And most of these experts offer a course or an online program if you want to learn more.

But there’s an issue with this model. You can never know if these programs are worth their price because you can never find honest in-depth reviews for them.

Some of these programs go up to hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

If you are paying that much money to access information; you should know that the information is worth it.

And here’s another catch; some of these self-help program have tons of affiliate promoting it. That means that if they refer you to their website, they get a commission.

As a result, a lot of these affiliate create Fake Positive reviews in an attempt to get commission. You can’t rely on these reviews because most people doing affiliate marketing are just in it to make a quick buck.

Clickbank is especially notorious for this. Any program that is on clickbank will usually have 10s, if not 100s of review website. And I can guarantee you that each one of them will have a special “Affiliate Link” to the vendor so they can get a commission. And I can also guarantee you that most of the reviews will be positive.

This is where I come in.

I am going to start reviewing all the self-help programs I can get my hands on. Even the ones that offer an affiliate program.

So how am I different?

Good question. If I am getting a commission for a program, I am going to write about it in bold letters at the starting of a review.

Moreover, you are going to see that I will not be giving positive reviews to all the programs. In fact, all the ClickBank products that I have come across over the years have been very mediocre. So, there’s a good chance that I won’t be giving ClickBank products a good review.

Here are a few things I will be listing out in an attempt to be as honest and as transparent as possible in my review.

Whether or not I bought the product with my own money.

It’s important for you to know if I bought the program with my own money or I was given access to it by the creator of the program.

If I was given access to the e-course by the author of the program, then it will be clearly mentioned in the beginning of the review.

Whether or not I will get a commission if you buy through me?

If an online course offers affiliate commissions; I can get money if you buy the program after clicking their link on my website. Here’s a simple demonstration of how it works.

  1. You read my review on a product or an online course at XYZ
  2. You click the link on my website which leads to the sales page of that online course at XYZ
  3. The computer program or backpanel at XYZ understands that you came to them through me.
  4. If you buy the program or the online course after clicking that link, they give me a commission because you came through me.

So, if you found my review helpful, you should buy the program after clicking the link in my review. This way, I get a commission.

If you think I am a greedy asshole who is just doing it for the money, and you don’t want me to earn from it, you can avoid clicking the link in my reviews and just google the name of the program and find them. This way I don’t get a commission.

Fair enough?

This being said, I am not solely making this website to get commissions. I have a job and earn enough money from it.

The reason I am doing it is because I am a self-improvement junkie and I think there’s a lack of honest self-help review programs on the internet.

So, you are going to find a lot of programs on this website that don’t offer me a commission. And you are going to notice that I still review them as honestly as I can.

Whether or not I used the content of the course or program in my personal life?

Reviewing self improvement is a tricky thing. It’s not really like reviewing a video game or a movie where you can just talk about whether you enjoyed it and what you didn’t enjoy about it.

People who buy self improvement programs online are doing it because they want to make changes in their lives. They are doing it because they want to help themselves become better.

As I said earlier, these self help programs have a wide range of topics covered. From learning a guitar to getting over a breakup.

It’s pretty obvious that I won’t be able to apply everything in each and every program I come across into my own personal life.

For example, let’s say there’s a self-help program that helps women become less needy and insecure in relationships and learn how to make a man committed to them.

There’s no way I can use that in my personal life, on account of not wanting a man being committed to me. I can only imagine my wife’s reaction if I succeed in doing that.

But, I can still review the program from a neutral perspective. Sure, I am no expert in helping women with their relationship problems. But I can still talk about what you can expect after you purchase the program.

I have a keen eye for self help programs. I have been reading self help books and going through online self help courses for quite a while now and some of them have changed my life for the better. Some of them have even been so helpful that I would call them life changing or even enlightening.

When I go through the contents, of the program, I can figure out if it will help the person who is looking for information in the topic.

I can also warn you if I feel the content is too thin and what you can expect inside.

What you can expect inside?

One of the main concerns people have about programs is what to expect inside. Is it just an ebook? Does it have video lessons? Is there support?

I am going to address these concerns as honestly and as thoroughly as possible.

Are there any upsells?

Would you like some fries with your burger?

A common trend with online products is to offer the initial product for cheap and include a lot of expensive upsells once you make the purchase. These upsells are often very tempting to buy because you have already made an investment and you want to get the most out of your investment.

But in my experience, a lot of these upsells prey on the desperation of people in need and offer nothing extra than what the initial product promised.

For example, suppose a product promises to teach you the best method to lose weight fast for $47. And once you make the purchase, they offer you an upsell which says; “the fastest way to lose weight with these secret exercises I discovered in the jungles of Africa” for a one time price of $97.

Umm, didn’t you promise to teach me the best method to lose weight? Shouldn’t you have included those exercises in the initial product?

A lot of deceiving products have a lot of similar upsells that should have been included in the intial product. In my experience, these products are not worth your time or money and you should stay away from them.

It’s good to know beforehand what kind of upsells you can expect from a product before buying so you can be sure what you are investing into.

Whether or not they offer a refund?

I have noticed that most authors who are confident about their programs offer a money back guarantee.

When you buy a program, you are buying packaged information. It basically doesn’t cost the owner of the program anything.

Sure, it costs them a few hundred dollars a month in hosting and email marketing. But that is overhead cost, and not really manufacturing cost of the product.

I believe that all information products should offer a money back guarantee. If a customer does not think the self-help program is worth it, they should be able to get a refund.

I am going to list out if they offer a refund and how you should proceed to get a refund if you don’t find the product helpful.

In some cases, I’ll also contact their support myself to check if they truly hold up to their refund policy.

The Review

In the review, I’ll just review the product. I will talk about what I got from the online course, and what I felt about it. Whether or not I found it helpful and if it was worth the money.


Whether or not I recommend this program?

With the boom in the self help industry on the internet, there are so many programs out there on every topic, it’s hard to figure out which one you should choose to buy.

If I recommend a program, then you can be sure it’s worth your money. I am not going to give my seal of approval easily.

Who this program can be helpful for?

If I recommend a program (and even if I don’t), I will list out who I think the program will be helpful for. As I said before, these self help programs cater to a broad range of people at different points in their life with a broad range of interests.

There is no way I can benefit from all these programs myself. But certain people, with certain interests can.

In this section, I will talk about who can benefit from the program.

Alternative to the program

In a lot of cases, you can pick up a book on kindle for $9 that will give you more information on the topic than a $197 program on a private website.

In this section, I will provide alternatives for the program for you.


I hope this post has been helpful to you. I look forward to reviewing self help programs for you my readers and help them make better decisions when buying online.