Unlock Your Hip Flexors Product Review

Unlock Your Hip Flexors


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Value For Money


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  • Exaggerated Causality
  • Sneaky Upsells


I’ve reviewed health products and weight loss programs before, but this would be first time actually reviewing an exercise program. The first thing I realized was that these guys are slightly different from your typical companies marketing online help guides. As compared to most other products where a character with a dramatic back story is adopted (usually not real), the team at criticalbench.com aren’t afraid to show their faces and even have many recorded videos of various exercise guides.

Claiming to be around since 1999, they not only provide tips for a better workout, but also sell programs such as this one on techniques to improve stiffness, pains, and other muscle related injuries.

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Now, I’m no body expert. I didn’t even know such a thing called hip flexors existed until I stumbled upon the sales page for this product. Can you imagine my surprise when they claimed that many problems such as pain in the lower half of the body, bad posture, sleeping difficulties, high anxiety, loss of sexual performance and many other health issues were due to tight hip flexors?


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Imagine my fear when their sales page further stated that the primary cause for tight hip flexors was due to sitting (I’m mostly in that position throughout the day, and I can only imagine that many people are as well).

So, what is Unlock Your Hip Flexors and more importantly, what are hip flexors? Firstly, hip flexors are a group of muscles around the top of your thighs that connect your upper leg to your hip. This is what your hip flexor looks like:


Unlock Your Hip Flexor is essentially a stretching program designed to provide you with more than simple static stretches such as holding a particular stretch for a period to lengthen the muscle or rolling around with a tennis ball placed at the location. They argue that such stretching won’t help you fix the problem and could even make things worse. Some stretching types that suggest could help with your hip flexors were dynamic stretching, PNF stretching, mobility exercises, and even 3-dimensional core stability exercises.

Firstly, How Much Is The Program and Did I Purchase It?

Unlock Your Hip Flexors is a program I purchased at a largely discounted price at $10, off their original price of $50 because of a limited-time sale. However, I think that if you were to access their website, you would get the discounted price too, limited to the day of access itself. The prices goes back to $50 after that but don’t worry if you miss the time window though, simply refresh the page and the limited-time sale will restart again.

Will I Make Money If You Purchase Unlock Your Hip Flexors?

I have no affiliation to the company selling this product, so unless you see a unique link to access this product, I will not be making any commissions if you purchase Unlock Your Hip Flexors.

What Can You Expect Once You Purchase The Program?

Once you purchase the program, you’ll be emailed with the receipt and a link to access the products which include the main program, the bonus guides and the upsells. Unlock Your Hip Flexors comes as a 63-page PDF manual and 2 videos, one 21-minute coaching session and another 11-minute follow along session. These videos walk you through the methods provided if you need more visual guidance.

There are 2 bonuses included with the purchase, Unlock Your Tight Hamstrings and 7-Day Anti-Inflammatory Diet, with the former containing both PDF and video guide as well. There were 2 additional ‘surprise bonuses’ at the end, but disappointingly they were both actually disguised upsells.

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The idea is to give you 2 bonus video guides in the form of physical DVDs for free, delivered to anywhere in the world. All you had to do was pay $5 for the shipping. The whole point of this was to lock in your credit card details when you pay, and charge you a subscription fee from the next month onwards because you were automatically included (unless you cancel) for their premium program as part of a limited free trial period.

Do They Offer A Refund?

As with all other Clickbank products, they are required to provide a 60-day refund policy. If you decide to purchase the program but find it unhelpful, you could request for a refund either with the author’s holding company, or directly through Clickbank itself.

Do I Use the Contents Of The Program In My Personal Life?

Like I said earlier, I didn’t even know what a hip flexor was before this. Clearly, I’m no exercise junkie, but perhaps if the program was legitimate and actually works, its knowledge definitely good to have if I ever felt a strain or stiffness in my lower back.

Are There Any Upsells?

As mentioned earlier, there were several upsells disguised as bonuses which sneakily charge a subscription fee on credit card after opting in for their free DVDs. In addition to that, several other upsells can be expected as they do carry a variety of other online products. Here are some examples:

The Review

There are 10 stretching techniques taught in Unlock Your Hip Flexors and adopts a sequential flow method – which follows a systematic order of stretches to release one muscle group at a time. While I can’t comment on the effectiveness of these stretches since I’m not currently experiencing and stiffness or pains, I can however review the product itself and whether they delivered whatever was promised plus what I liked (and didn’t) about the overall program to give you a better indication on its suitability for you. A final point to note is that I’ll only be reviewing the main product and none of the bonuses that come along with it.

The Good

For starters, I thoroughly liked the well thought out structure in this program. It starts by providing a medical point of view and anatomy of your hip flexors, to addressing the consequences of tight hip flexors, to providing you the systematic routine and what ‘type’ of stretching each particular technique was.

The videos were helpful for people who aren’t well versed in exercise and workout routines, and may not be able to visualize how to properly do the stretches based on pictures alone. More importantly, the fact that the 10-set routine consisted of different types of stretches from PNF stretching, mobility exercises, muscle activation stretches, to static stretches addressed the concern they shared about static stretching not being enough to fix tight hip flexors.

Overall, unlike other products found online such as romance or health programs claiming to teach you secret techniques, Unlock Your Hip Flexors goes in an opposite direction by claiming to teach you an order-specific set of stretching techniques that already exist, but structured in a specific order to give optimal results.

The Bad

I personally don’t have many qualms about this program, except to question if sitting is truly the cause of tight hip flexors and whether the list of problems that come with it are truly as vast as the program has made it out to be. Other sources have claimed that sitting as the primary cause for tight hip flexors is actually a myth and in reality, there are a variety of other potential reasons such as over-straining or weakness in the muscle group and an exact cause hasn’t been rooted.

What I didn’t like however, was that they sneakily included the upsells together and positioned them as free gifts. The monthly charge to your credit card for being an automatically included member (which was only stated in fine print) was not something that impressed me, and caused me to lose my trust for the company behind this product.